Blue dogs spotted near abandoned Russian chemical factory

On 11 February, pictures of a stray pack of blue dogs circulated on the Internet. These blue dogs are spotted near an abandoned factory in Russia.

The weird coloring of the pets is thought to be due to chemical waste near an abandoned factory in Russia.

The pics were taken in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, 230 miles east of Moscow.


And were published on the Russian social media site, the Moscow Times reported.

Blue Dogs found in Russia

The scary pictures of the dogs were taken by local residents near a disused factory in Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo.

Which was closed for financial reasons six years ago. It used to be a large chemical production facility, producing hydrocyanic acid and Plexiglas.

The director of the plant's bankruptcy, Andrey Mislivets, denied the authenticity of the images, claiming it was a farce.

He said the stray animals could have found copper sulfate, a type of chemical that can cause inflammation while walking around the area's abandoned buildings.

"It is possible that they found the remains of old chemicals, and rolled them in, and that they may have been copper sulfate," the commissioner said.

Ria Novosti, reports that animal rights activists and local veterinarians say: contact with these chemicals does not pose a short-term danger to dogs. She added that the dogs' health is not at risk, because all seven dogs have been examined by veterinarians.

Two of the seven dogs have already found new owners, reports RIA Novosti.

A similar story took place in India, in 2017 when blue-coated dogs were seen on the streets of Mumbai. As in Russia, it was suspected, that they had been exposed to industrial waste containing blue dyes, used in detergents and other chemicals.

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