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Published on October 25, 2020 by

The FCI standard describes the golden retriever as a docile, intelligent, naturally gifted for work, gentle, friendly and self-confident dog.

They are dogs that need space and exercise, they are also very attracted to water. In this regard, they have an undercoat that protects them from cold and water, webbed paws and a tail that they use like a scull to help them propel and steer themselves with ease.

Goldens retrievers are very affectionate and easy to train but you have to take into account their sensitivity: act by encouragement rather than by reprimands that the dog bears as badly as the drill. Forced, his somewhat independent and determined character then resurfaces and he becomes absent, even restive. The golden is not a dog to be trained by constraint. Its great empathy can lead to a very strong bond between master and dog.

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