Cat color has an influence on its character

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Did you know that the color of a cat has an influence on its character? It is not a primary characteristic, but it does play a role. Red cats have characteristics that all owners notice, and this is what makes them extraordinary cats. If you are curious about the peculiarities of red cats, read this article.

Red cats: their particularities

There are a lot of characteristics that are specific to cats with a red coat. By red, we mean all cats whose coat varies between the colors orange, sand and red. The majority of red cats are tiger cats, but some are also bi-colored or have only a few red spots.

Why is a cat red?

But do you know why a cat is red? This is due to a specific pigment called pheomelanin. This type of pigment is also present in humans, we all have more or less of it in our skin and our horses, and it is the same in animals. When a cat has red hair, it is because it has a large amount of pheomelanin in its body.


Redheaded cats are generally male

Among the peculiarities of red cats, the most surprising is that the majority are males. According to the red cats registered in the feline studbook, about 80% of them are males. No one knows whether it is a question of discomfort or some other criteria, this information still remains a mystery.

The character of a red cat

What makes this cat popular and highly appreciated is its character. Red cats have the particularity of having a temperament of their own. Many describe them as rather stubborn but so endearing cats!

It appears that red cats tend to be capricious and have a strong temperament, sometimes cranky, sometimes very affectionate. They can be indifferent and, at times, can be jealous and become very clingy with their owners. With red cats, it is always black or white, but rarely gray. Of course, these are only generalities observed and each cat has its own character.

Red is not a specific color to any breed.

Finally, astonishingly, there is no exclusively redheaded cat breed. Moreover, for some breeds registered in the LOOF, red hair is totally eliminatory! Red is however a color that some cats wear wonderfully, and there are several types of red. The tabby is the most popular marking for red cats, but tiger and striped are also common.


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