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The Cymric is a semi-long-haired version of the Manx. This tailless cat is native to the Isle of Man. It is believed that the lack of tail is due to a genetic mutation observed among the domestic cat population on the island. Indeed, the Isle of Man being rather small and isolated, the particularity of the lack of tail has spread among the cat population on the island. The mid-long-haired version of the Manx, the Cymric, came about because of this genetic mutation, probably related to inbreeding, which gives Manx cats a mid-long coat.

The Cymric is active and playful. It is a good hunter because the domestic cat of the Isle of Man, from which it is descended, was originally used to kill rodents. Despite their playful nature, Cymrics are gentle and affectionate, they love to lie on the couch next to you. Calm and patient, they will get along well with children (as long as they are not aggressive). These cats are also very intelligent and love to bring things home. Their breed is well adapted for clicker training, and they can learn to open doors. These cats will speak to you in a soft voice to show you what they want.

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