Golden Retriever Sneaks Into UPS Truck to Hides and Rides Across Town, Suddenly Owner Leaves This Note Around His Neck

It is a common assumption that deliveryman and dogs didn’t always get along. However, this is not entirely true, and it appears that time is gone now. We have a story that will dismiss that assumption completely.

In this beautiful story, a Golden Retriever and a UPS delivery man forme an unbelievable new friendship that not many people know about. Have you ever heard about the friendship between a UPS deliveryman and a Golden Retriever?

It all started with a beautiful routine

Firstly, whenever the man passes by the house. He rewards the dog with a treat every day, then again the next day. This continued for a couple of weeks, until one day he forgot to bring the dog’s treat.

On that fateful day, the delivery man had to rush out of his house. Therefore, he forgot the dog’s favorite treats at home, so sadly he didn’t have anything to offer him. The furry friend was looking forward to the treat. However, when he didn’t get a treat, the dog wasn’t happy, so he decided to try to do something about it. And he became determined to get his favorite snack.

When the delivery man was away delivering packages to the neighbors, so the dog disappeared and jumped on the UPS truck to hid in the back. As the UPS driver began to drive away, he assumed that the dog had returned inside, but this was not the case.

Once the deliveryman reached his next destination, he opened the back of his truck to a surprise. The dog was hiding within the back of his truck and ended up taking a ride all over town!

Although this, he had no bent leaving until he got his favorite treat! This poor dog was so determined to get a snack that he hopped up into the back of the truck.

Somehow he managed to try to do it so discretely that the deliveryman never even noticed! He needed to complete a few deliveries, so he brought the dog along. this time the golden retriever was within the front seat and buckled in for safety.

The unexpected reaction of the dog’s owner!

The dog’s owner was freaking out by the time the delivery man brings back the golden retriever to the house. In addition, he was so grateful to the delivery man for keeping his dog safe, but that wasn’t his only emotion!

When the dog’s owner discovered the entire situation. He thought it absolutely was hilarious, so he decided to share it on the internet. He went on Reddit with a form of “dog shaming.” And put a piece of paper on the dog’s collar confessing to his silly “crime.” and shared the photo with everyone.

No regrets from r/pics

The note said: “The UPS man forgot to throw me a cookie. So I snuck into his truck and took a ride around the neighborhood. He had to deliver me back to my house”

Therefore, treats or cookies are an essential way for guys like this UPS deliveryman to make friends with neighborhood dogs. Even the most aggressive dogs may be tamed with a couple of well-timed snacks!

Likewise, if you are a mailman or deliveryman, it never hurts to hold around a couple of treats just in case the neighborhood dogs end up being a bit more aggressive than you anticipated.

Therefore, Redditors also shared funny moments that their cuddly pets had with the deliveryman within the neighborhood in response to the now-viral post. Apparently, this kind of behavior is really a lot more common than anybody imagined.

from r/pics

What’s the most insane thing your dog or pet has ever done? Share within the comments!

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