This Is The Valais Blacknose And This Is Why It Is The Rarest Beautiful Sheep In The World

valais blacknose sheep
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Despite being once thought to be extinct, the Valais Blacknose is a truly majestic sheep, with a long, sleek coat and dark black eyes. If you find the Valais Blacknose photos on the Internet or in libraries, don't let yourself be fooled by its appearance: These sheep are real, and once you get to see one up close, you will be glad you did. Let’s take a look into the lives of the cutest sheep in the world.

1- History of the Blacknose

A European breed that was once thought to be extinct, the Valais Blacknose, are known as Walliser Schwarznasenschaf in German, originates from the Valais canton of Switzerland – from which its name derives –. There is evidence that the Blacknose has existed since the 15th century however, they have changed greatly in appearance over the years and once resembled likes a Scottish Blackface. Over time, characteristics have evolved to the majestic sheep we see today.

valais blacknose sheep
Image by Mikarapa from Pixabay

2- The Valais Blacknose "Walliser Schwarznasenschaf"

One of the main things about these sheep is the fact that they are able to survive and thrive in almost any kind of climate. Snow and ice can not stand in their way, and the sheep will endure the cold and snow season. The Valais Blacknose will live, even when all the other animals around them die.


The only time the Valais does have contact with people is when they are being fed by people. They are even able to be part of the livestock industry in parts of Scandinavia. The meat that comes from the sheep is very rich in protein.

valais blacknose sheep

3- Why are Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep so rare?

There are many reasons why the Valais is so rare. One of them is the fact that it can be very shy and will hide away when approached. These sheep are found only in Switzerland, their native place, and a couple of parts of the world. Efforts to breed them in North America are underway. These sheep are routinely attacked by wolves within the alpine mountains of Switzerland. Additionally, they're kept indoors in winter. Whereas, within the summertime, they're grazing within the mountains. which creates them quite elusive.

3- Why are Valais Blacknose sheep considered to be the cutest sheep in the world?

Just check out this lovely little lamb!

valais blacknose sheep

The characteristics of the Blacknose sheep fall into three areas: General Appearance Confirmation and Wool. Giving the Blacknose sheep its name, you will find the sheep to have a black nose that extends up to the center of the head connecting and encompassing the black surrounding the eyes. The ears are black to the point where they meet the head.

valais blacknose sheep
Image by Viola ' from Pixabay

Knees and hocks have black spots and the hoof/ankle area is black creating the impression of black boots. Ewes have a black tail spot, rams do not. Horns are helical or spiral and grow outward from the head in both ewes and rams.

The soft, white, curly wool gives them an adorable look and keeps them warm during winters in the Swiss mountains, it's an important characteristic, and the whole body, head, and legs are evenly well-covered, exhibiting the sheep's robust frame. Like all other sheep, they're excellent climbers and may be found within the Swiss alpine mountains in the summertime.

4- Raise this wonderful sheep

The Valais Blacknose sheep is widely believed to be one of the best breeds that you can buy and raise. Once you have decided to raise these wonderful sheep, you can help save this breed from extinction. You can help them by ensuring they have plenty of space to roam and to get some exercise.

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