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Took My Dogs Medicine Serena Williams shares an embarrassing story on Instagram

“Took My Dog’s Medicine”: Serena Williams shares an embarrassing story on Instagram

Serena Williams, 23-time Grand Slam champion, shared an embarrassing but comical experience on her Instagram story. In a bizarre event, the American accidentally took her dog’s medication before going to bed last night. Through a series of Instagram stories, Williams revealed that she was so exhausted before going to bed that she mistakenly took her […]

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Moments Seen In Trail Cameras That Need To Be Explained

Things start to get interesting when we replace the filmmaker with a surveillance camera. Who would have guessed that a simple trail camera could become a photographer’s best friend? This trail camera is always looking for the perfect “shot” of trail photos. Trail cameras are hidden in plain sight, unnoticed by wildlife, capture (and still […]

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Getting rid of the smell of dog urine

Getting Rid of Dog Urine Smell

Sometimes your dog urinates on your couch or bed, especially when it’s a puppy, a sick dog, or an older dog. In this article, we explain how to get rid of dog urine smell permanently.SummaryEliminating the smell of dog urine: why is it necessary?Is there an immediate solution to remove dog urine stains?Removing the smell […]

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Lady Gaga recovered safely her two stolen dogs

Lady Gaga recovered safely her two stolen dogs, for which the pop diva had offered 500,000 dollars in reward. The Los Angeles police announced Friday.Koji and Gustav, two French bulldogs, were abducted by two unknown men Wednesday night. They shot an employee of Lady Gaga who was walking the animals in a Los Angeles street […]

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