Moments Seen In Trail Cameras That Need To Be Explained

2 Mondays
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Things start to get interesting when we replace the filmmaker with a surveillance camera. Who would have guessed that a simple trail camera could become a photographer’s best friend? This trail camera is always looking for the perfect “shot” of trail photos. Trail cameras are hidden in plain sight, unnoticed by wildlife, capture (and still capture) the beautiful, strange and almost comical life of wildlife – the only pain is the click of the camera. Let’s take a look at the private lives of animals, from day to night, through the eyes of nature trail cameras. You’ve never seen anything like this before, we promise!

1 Close Up

The Raccoon Planet hosted a movie night for this evening. He dressed in his best suit, curled his hair, and smiled directly at the camera. Let’s assume that the red-eye prevention package has been located.

2 Mondays
Reddit u/882005

Monday Is A Special Day
You arrived late for work and didn’t have time to wash your hair or drink your cup. Your car broke down, but you had no choice other than to leave it at home and walk to work. In the Elk Land, this is a classic Monday, and he despises it.

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